Bot prediction problem

Hi guys! Happy New year to all! I have a small issue with my existing bot on which I want your opinion. Well I have created a bot for my company in which right now I’m adding general questions like online people for our clients, sales information and other details. So they want the answers to be precise. but sometimes answers get jumbled up and for some normal things it gets wrong, eg,

user: Hi

bot: Hey!

user: what can you do ?

bot: I can help you with …

user: okay can you do this…

bot: sure here are today’s reports


bot: okay bye [issue]

So i think it’s going according to the story and giving for goodbye intent

so how can I make my bot more precise as I’m dealing with clients and I can’t mess up. Thanks in advance

[Actually, I’m not familiar with the policy and stuff, and what values you should keep for the bot to answer correct everytime. No matter what’s the story above the question asked should have higher priority] @JiteshGaikwad @rroa @ricwo @Juste

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I’m really interested in this question too, because I have the same problem that sometimes the NLU interstand correctly the intention, but since a story has already begun, the core will continue this story instead of starting a new one with the new intent.

Can’t really help you on this but hope someone will

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This happens even on RASA’s chatbot SARA. If you change the question, it continues to follow the story. I faced this issue too with my bot, couldn’t find an answer.

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