Rasa installation in windows 10

Hello guys, I really need your help. Have been running the following command

from rasa_nlu.training_data import load_data from rasa_nlu.model import trainer from rasa_nlu import config from rasa_nlu.model import interpreter

But every time i get the following error. I have installed the required modules and i wonder what could be the problem. Please help!!!

File “nlu_model.py”, line 1, in from rasa_nlu.training_data import load_data ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘rasa_nlu’

Hi @urbanusm,

Did you do pip install rasa-nlu ?

Did you check that you installed in the right environment?

rasa-nlu is deprecated since about 2 years. Please use pip install rasa. @urbanusm Where have you been getting this code from? These imports seem outdated to me.

I got it from a a certain book on how to build smart chatbot, was published on 2018. I am learning about making chatbots using rasa, any reccomendation on where i can learn it from with the right code?. I would appreciate it @Tobias_Wochinger.Thank you

No i used pip install rasa @Johan1us. which one should i use? Thank you

Hi @urbanusm

Follow Tobias’ suggestion. So please use pip install rasa instead of pip install rasa_nlu.

Sorry to have misinformed you.

If you want to know more about Rasa and creating a bot. There is good documentation on the Rasa website. This is a good and fun starting point:

Also, Rasa has a youtube channel where a lot is explained as well.


From the blogs you can also learn a lot:

thank you i finally installed it @Johan1us