Rasa install without Visual C++ Build Tools

Is it possible to install the newest version of Rasa with out Visual C++ Build Tools. I am behind a corporate network where getting Visual C++ Build Tools is not possible at the moment.


Hey @ap_rasa, if you are asking this question w.r.t windows system then the answer is no because Visual C++ build tools are mandatory

Oh okay thanks @JiteshGaikwad, would it be correct to say that this dependency started with one of the later versions of Rasa that was implemented in Python 3?

No it was was required in the older versions too.

If u need any help related to Installation of visual c++ build tools u can refer my video:

Ok thanks for the help. Ultimately I was in an environment where I could not get Visual C++ Build Tools. It seems that there is only one dependency called sanic that has another dependency called httptools that needs the build tools to compile. Fixed by finding a way to get httptools in my environment.

Hey @ap_rasa, Glad that you found the way, you can share the solution with the community

Hey @ap_rasa,

Can you please share how you installed httptools without using VS C++ build tools?


Just install httptools in a computer that has VS C++ Build Tools and find a way to transfer that lib file into the computer that does not have it. Hypothetically, you can use some type of version control place like Bitbucket.