Rasa in vm

Hey There , i had a question regarding rasa .rasa is running fine in local mode .and if i am developing in vm its working fine local mode of vm but its not opening outside of vm . may i know the problem Please clarify me as soon as possible.

Regards, Raghu

could you please provide more details?

actually i am new to rasa .I integrated rasa in frontend by using socket chatroom.its working fine in local mode in vm .when i am opening that port outside of vm as a guest its not working may i know whats wrong with that.

regards, raghu

I’m sorry but its not working is not enough information to figure out what’s going wrong. Do you know what doesn’t work?

sorry about that ,i installed rasa open source as shown in this tutorial

and integrated to own website by using Your Own Website this documentation. Rasa worked well in vm local machine .rasa server 5005 is opened in vm. when i opened my website outside my vm my website is working good butmy rasa chtbot doesnt work properly. i used div id=“webchat”/>

@mudraboyinaraghavendrarao Most of the time, not all of the time, but most of the time … port issues are related to your cloud provider. If you’re using Google or AWS then you often need to go into an admin panel to set port permissions manually before you can connect to a VM. I’m not familiar with the details of your cloud provider, but it might be worth a google-search on how to set this up before checking Rasa’s configuration. Can you confirm you are able to connect/open up ports in general on your VM?