Port number issue

Hi, I am using rasa open source and rasa webchat. It is working fine within my local computer…But when I tried to put up the bot on my company’s website…The IT team told me that they will not allow the bot to run on Port number 5005 and they will only allow port number 80 for security reasons…I changed the port number to 80 by using the command rasa run -p 80 -m models --enable-api --cors “*” --debug but this command is giving error as shown in the image

Any help regarding this error is highly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @devesh this seems like an error with the access permissions of the port. I would suggest talking to your IT team about that.

Thanks @akelad I talked to them…They are now saying that currently when I run the rasa server using command " rasa run -p 80 -m models --enable-api --cors “*” --debug", the rasa server runs at http://localhost:80, but they have given me some ip address like (192.xxx.y.zzz)…So, they want to know how can we set up server on that ip address.

you have to run this command on a VM somewhere, and then you can access the server through the IP of that VM.