RASA FOOD ORDER CHATBOT frontend with Vue.js

I am new to rasa and i have build the rasa chatbot for food ordering from a restaurant. The requirement for frontend of chatbot should be in Vue.js. So I am not able to find any documents related to rasa chatbot with vue.js. Please help me on this.

Hey @avinash80

In order to communicate with your chatbot via your own custom channel (in your case it’s a frontend implemented with vue.js) you need to implement custom input/output channels.

You can find more info here.

hey how a rasa chatbot search in a website for user query and sends response back to user in chat widget

user website like :www.abced.com
user: hi
bot: hi
user: what is machine learning?
how the bot open the website and search for the user query ?
please help me…

Hi @Ajay-007

I think you need to use custom actions for that.

can you explain in detailed @degiz

can you explain with example

Hey @Ajay-007

If you want to perform some custom action upon user input, we have bunch of demo bots with examples.

You can start with a restaurant bot, check the line 17, there make a “request” (fake one, but that’s an example) to get info about restaurants. You could do the same to make a request to a search engine.