Rasa Docker

I’m trying to run rasa train command in my docker container but always shows KILLED in the terminal, I run the same process in another computer and it returns the model correctly, I think it is a little bit weird that in this computer runs the training process but in the other one not. They have almost the same hardware features, the only difference is the CPU where GHz is lower in the computer where the process is killed.

The first computer A where it runs well has: 16Gb RAM SSD 256Gb Intel i5 2.3 - 2.5 GHz

the second computer B where the process is killed: 16Gb RAM SSD 256Gb Intel i5 1.7 - 1.9 GHz

Does someone have any idea of how I can fix this?

I should mention that computer A had a virtual machine with linux as operating system and run correctly the training process, I chossed to use docker because I though it will be better to use a container instead running another operating system in Windows. But it seems that is worst.