[ASK] Process get killed when training RASA core

It started training well on nlu but when train the core part, it killed the process, on my pc I have 16GB RAM and core i7 I dont know why, so does anyone has any idea? thanks

Hi @novice_96 and Welcome to the forum :bouquet: Please can you share the rasa --version?

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I am using rasa=2.8.7

@novice_96 can you share while typing on Conda environment and type rasa --version?

@novice_96 No, it not a right way but still, give it a try can you downgrade rasa to pip install rasa==2.8.1 or 2.8.2 (share rasa version) and delete older trained model if any and try train again please.

@novice_96 I hope we are only using rasa open source not rasa x; please confirm!

I deleted old trained model but the problem still occur, I use rasa x to deploy on local host, is that a problem? i will try to downgrade rasa version as you said,I will let you know shortly

@novice_96 what step you are using for training?

  1. active conda environment i.e chatbotdd
  2. go to project folder
  3. train the model using rasa train --debug or just rasa train

Right? or any other way.

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@novice_96 you building the Vietnamese chatbot?


@novice_96 Please see this thread in detail, and hope this will solve your issue: Rasa Train Error Function call stack: train_on_batch - #14 by nik202

Do check the config.yml file of this user who he/she using for Vi Language.

Please let me know!

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@novice_96 can you just try run the code using rasa train or please share me the link from where you get it this idea. I can see and guide you. I would suggest please see the thread for starting the bot :slight_smile:

@nik202 this is our current project , surprisingly my workmates still able to run this without any problems(we’re using the same code, me running on ubuntu), so I think the problem might come from system such as memory overload ?

@novice_96 can you create the GitHub repo, so that I can see the code? I dn’t think that this issue can be related to memory, this can be the issue of files or download you are using. I can be wrong also but without seeing any files I can not guide you more.

@nik202 I will delete all and start to clone the project and run it again, if the error still occur I will create a repo on github and let you know

@novice_96 I trust you, you will archive your goal, or do asked your frds to help you out in this :slight_smile:

the code ran okay on my frds computer for me it not going that well hell yeah thanks

@novice_96 Thanks for sharing the repo; but I am not sure, I will get some time to see the code, but I can try. Meanwhile, please try trouble shooting the code as suggested by me or see the other thread which I suggested to you. I hope you understand :slight_smile: I believe you 100 % that you will be able to solve it.

@nik202 oh okay see it when u have time, you dont have to, man

@novice_96 Hello, are you issue solved Nobody? please do share the code repo, if problem still persists. You just need to train the model based on command rasa train --debug. Thanks.

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