RASA Developer Consultant for Closed Domain Chatbot

Hi All,

My name is Keegan Pavlik. I am the Project Manager of a chatbot program for a company called AugRay (https://augray.com/). We are based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Chennai, India.

We are currently leveraging the RASA closed domain architecture to build a counseling and spiritual (i.e, Hinduism and Buddhism) chatbot.

We are having customization issues with RASA. I am hoping to get in touch with an experienced RASA developer. I would like to hire you on a consultant contractor basis to help us work through some of the technical issues we are having.

If this sounds interesting please email me at keeganp@augray.com to discuss the role and responsibilities.

Once again, thank you.

Best, Keegan Pavlik Project Manager - AugRay Ltd.