Rasa Deployment on Heroku or AWS

Hi all, I have just completed my first travel support project on rasa. Before this i was google action developer with node. So my problem is deployment. Can anyone please tell me how we can deploy our rasa project with Heroku or AWS (Serverless). My Project Structure is very simple.

  • models
  • data -> nlu.md, stories.md
  • actions.py
  • config.yml
  • credientials.yml
  • domain.yml
  • endpoints.yml

Hi @haneef, can you spin up an EC2 instance if you want to use AWS to deploy your bot?

@erohmensing what you mean by spin up an EC2 instance ?

Check this: Spinning up an EC2 instance. - Nicholas Martinez - Medium

@erohmensing i deployed my bot on windows server 2016 and it is working fine but action file is not working like my one intent name is “bye” and set one class in actions file for bye as ByeAction so when i am saying bye then i am getting any reply. can you suggest me how to run duckling on windows server 2016? i tried many time but not work.

@haneef using docker, you can run duckling on windows server.

@shashank34 but duckling is not avail on windows container it’s distribution is only for linux. https://hub.docker.com/r/rasa/duckling/tags