RASA deployment in a restricted environment

Hi Team,

This is the first tie we are building a RASA Bot as a POC, but we are having productionizing it.

The requirement is the company users in the Company VPN should be able to access it.

We have ONLY access to windows machines and per company policy cannot Host it in a private cloud like AWS, Azure etc.

Things we have tried so far for deployment:

  1. Mutipass – Stuck with IP not assigned to Multipass instance issue, it always either gets time out or stuck in the launch phase

  2. WSL – Stuck with “Can not find systemd or openrc to use as a process supervisor for k3s”

  3. WSL2 – donot have access to WSL2 yet

  4. Hyper V – Created a Ubuntu VM but Macafee is blocking any connection to and from the box

I am not going the docker route as I want full RASA X functionality. I am able to access the Bot running in terminal via from other machines: http://[machine IP]:5005/webhooks/rest/webhook

But I really doubt if this the proper way to deploy it. Ngork is also being bloked by Mcafee.

Is there any other way to properly deploy the bot with Rasa X.

Any help would be appreciated.

use Wsl2 if you got access.! i was just able to resolve few minutes back