Deploying to a VM

Hi @nik202 ,

I’m trying to deploy my rasa code into a VM.

Rasa specs:


VM specs:


Where should I begin? I’m very new to pushing code to production. Some help would be very much appreciated!

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@yoda you VM machine Operating system?

@nik202 Windows. I’ve attached the image in the previous post

@yoda Well you want to install Rasa open-source on VM or deploy what you mean? Can you elaborate more?

@nik202, currently I have my code in my physical system. I want to deploy this bot I have running in my local to the VM.

@yoda just install rasa on VM ?

@nik202, okay, but that wouldn’t make the rasa bot run in a production setup right? I have my rasa bot already in my windows machine. i want to deploy this to a VM (windows), but just running the commands on a terminal inside the VM doesn’t mean it’ll open the server for the public right? it will still be “localhost” within that VM right?

@yoda for that you need a server that runs 24/7.

@nik202 yes, for this how should I do in my windows vm?

@lis can you share your use case, please. What are you trying to archived?

I have a similar use case @nik202. Currently I have my rasa server and rasa action server running in my local machine. I want to run these in a production setup. So I have a VM with me. I get that I should probably put all the commands that I use to start the rasa server and rasa action server (rasa run & rasa run actions) in one shell script and use this as a start up scrip, so when I start this VM internally it runs this script file so both the servers are up.

@yoda is this what you’re trying to do as well?


@lis yess! This is what I’m trying to find also. I know I shouldn’t have tagged this question in rasa open source, but this tag seemed more relevant

@lis you can use docker with single command

Yes @nik202, running docker compose up would run both the containers for me. I’m doing this by running that docker command in the windows cmd (inside my vm). But this can’t be the case right? In a production setup, you wouldn’t be running the server by typing the command into a cmd right? So I’m assuming there’s going to be a startup script that would be triggered when the server is started?

@lis is your server is running 24/7?