Rasa connector- sending data other than text and sender from InputConnector to OutputConnector

Hi, I am working on creating a custom connector. The connector I am connecting to needs the URL to be got from the request message. So, I need to create an OutputChannel which is able to get extra information from the Input Channel.But, I am not able to pass the information from the InputChannel to the OutputChannel. Is the above scenario possible? Please give any ideas.


the request is { sender_id : “XYZ”, URL: “http://ABC.com/”, text:“Hi”}.

So i need to get the URL in the output channel also. I cannot fix this URL as the URL changes with the request. Any suggestions are appreciated

This sounds similar to, for example, the Facebook connector setup (see here). You can add information to messages using the metadata parameter (see here).

Hope that helps!

Hi Fkoerner, Thank you for your help but the metadata will be sent only the tracker,can it be passed over to the Output Channel?

Okay, I see.You could make the OutputChannel an attribute of the InputChannel and manipulate it from there. This is similar to the facebook InputChannel that constructs an Output channel here

When you handle the request in the InputChannel, you can forward this information to the OutputChannel, something like:

self.output.current_url = request.get("URL")