RASA Components installation on OpenShift/K8

Dear Community, I am new to RASA and very excited in trying to run it over my OpenShift Environment. However, the documentation were not clear about this. 1- For Rasa Stack (Rasa Core + Rasa NLU), I was able to find a helm chart for it by a RASA community member GitHub - mastrogiovanni/k8s-rasa-bot: Kubernetes extension for Rasa-based Telegram Bots but don’t know if this contains RASA X module or if this has been experienced extensively with other fellow members on OpenShift and K8. 2- For RASA X module, again the documentation is nnot clear on how to install it over Openshift or K8. They talk about mostly about running in a Docker File but no Helm CHarts or Yaml based deployments.

Can someone please point me out for some new directions or references on how to deploy the whole stack including RASA X over an OpenShift Cluster ? Many Thanks in Advance,

Hi @maoun, welcome to the forum! We’re currently working on creating helm charts which will simplify Openshift/K8S deployment. In the meantime, you can check out our docs on K8S deployment, where we use kompose to translate the docker-compose files into k8s configs. I hope that helps!

Hello and Thank you for your reply,

Yeah …I did the kcompose path but there were so many yaml file generated I could not keep up knowing that I am new to RASA and its architecture components. So I reverted back in installing RASA-X on a redhat machine and it is working. However, RASA Core is running pretty well on my OpenShift cluster but I will be waiting for the helm charts for RASA-X . Can you give me an estimated timeframe ? 1 month, 3 months, 6 months ? Many Thanks in advance,

Hi again @maoun, the charts are in development at the moment, and I’d expect them to be out in the next couple of weeks

That’s great news …looking forward and thanks