Rasa Community in NYC


(Juste) #1

Rasa User Group NYC

Hey everyone! Do we have Rasa Community members in NYC?

We have just set up a new Rasa User Group in NYC and we hope to see people from NYC attending our future events there. Make sure to join the group and keep an eye on upcoming events!

Also, I will be in NYC myself between 15 and 20 of October to talk at PyData and would be happy to meet the Rasa Community members there or meet for drinks somewhere! I will keep you updated with what’s happening, where and when :slight_smile:

(Juste) #2

This week we had a very first Rasa User Group meetup in NYC! Thanks to everyone who came - we had some really great discussions around conversational AI and Rasa! I hope to see the Rasa Community in NYC growing big :heart_eyes::rocket: