Rasa community in Gurugram, India

Hello everyone, I live in gurugram and working on Rasa chat from last 2 years. I am making this community so that we can help each other on Chat bot issues, any enhancement. We can also have a get together where we can discuss new possibilities that can be done with the help of Rasa.

Join this group if you want to learn new things or want to be a expert in Rasa.

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Hi Prashant

I am also in gurugram and started working on RASA

Hello Everyone, I looking for the knowledge on how to use multiple questions for single slot. In my scenario I am validating some info, so if users entered it incorrect 2 times then I want to change questions for user but that question is just the replacement ,both of them will linked to single slot. At current I am able to put new question but the old question is also coming up as the slot is still unfilled. Any help on this is very important for me. Thanks

Hi Shubham,

Are you filling the slots with the user response. Can you please share the story, you have created for this scnerio

The slot calling is inside the FormAction. So when the user data is un-valid for 2 time, the 3rd time i want to change the question. I’ve trigger the condition but My issue is the both new changed question and the slot aligned question are coming up, how to stop the slot align question from being rendered.
For example : Suppose I’ve a slot with name count , Aligned with text utter_ask_count :“Provide count between 1 to 5” in domain file If the user enter count above 5 for 2 times then on 3rd time the bot utterance should be changed to “Provide count”. In my case the “Provide count between 1 to 5” is also coming up.

Hello Everyone, I m Kumar Saurav. We run a datascience company in new Delhi. for Past one year we started developing simple bots for various enterprises using dialogflow. We are trying to shift our operations to Rasa. Would love to connect with learners and expert here. Will need help in deployment and database. Can help with Api calls and other basic stuff.

My linkdln profile.: https://www.linkedin.com/in/athenasaurav/