Rasa command not found

Hello everyone, I would like to deploy my rasa bot on my raspberry pi 4b. I have developed it on my Mac. Everything there is perfect.

My problem is that no matter what I do, after installing rasa I get the “command not found” error from the terminal. I am using raspianOS 64bit. I installed python 3.8.16 with the following packages for rasa:

  • rasa 0.1.1

  • rasa-core 0.8.6

  • rasa-nlu 0.11.5

I have tried installing rasa normally, with conda, virtualenv, pyenv and others but in the end I cannot get it to work. I have followed all possible posts posted about this problem in this forum. At this point I am wondering whether it is even possible.

Do you guys have any suggestions?

Thank you for your help!