Rasa command not found error in Apple silicon M1

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I followed the exact steps to install rasa in my apple silicon m1 but still I am getting rasa not found error during rasa init command. Is it due to ARM processor is not supported rasa or any other reason

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Can you try python -m rasa init instead?

Hi Chrish. Thanks for your response. I am getting “No module named rasa” when i tried python -m rasa init command. And also, when i tried pip list command to see the installed modules, i am able to see my rasa version is only 0.1.1. but actual version in rasa website mentioned is like 3.x. Could it be the issue?

Aha this definitely is wrong.

Can you share the output of pip -V?

As per the docs (ref: Installation), you should have Python 3.7 or 3.8.

Also, Rasa just posted a YouTube video about Installing Rasa Open Source 3.0 on MacOS :slight_smile:

Hey, unfortunately, according to the note on the Installation page, Rasa doesn’t support m1 yet.

Due to lack of official TensorFlow support for the Apple M1, Rasa Open Source is currently unable to train a model using M1.

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I’ve written a guide that seems to work for me. It’s unofficial, largely due to changes that might hopefully happen, but it’s something that should help in the meantime.

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