Q and A Chat Bot

Hi, I would like to build a bot which answers questions. The bot should call a method from the python script in accordance to the questions asked and generate the answers based on the return value of those methods. The methods access and get the required data from a api or database. Is there anyone who could help in this regard.

Thanks in advance. Saran


Have you explored custom actions yet? I’m using custom actions for anything that requires external API or database. For more examples, you can see the rasa-demo repository

Yes I too tried it but I face a problem like the entities can’t be recognized by the script which belong to my own code like a, I néed to identify a entity like a bill number or such which is like HTS1234, HGF5627 like that

You can try adding Regex Features and Lookup Tables to help your model predict your custom entities. You need to provide some examples in your training data so the model can learn the pattern from regex and/or lookup tables features. Here is an explanation of lookup table