Rasa chat bot Deployment

Hello Community.

I’m working on RASA chat bot. it’s ambitious project for my organization and 75% development done by my side but i have one question as we deploy the chat bot with our website and with third party but after deployment how can i add any intent,data and actions. In development I’m new to this. so please guide me any admin side i can refer or something else you can suggest for add,update and delete ?

As per my knowledge, you may have to consider the below steps.

  1. Store all your Q&A (which is intents and answers from domain.yml) in some knowledgebase database ex- Sql, elastic search or Graphql, etc.

  2. Develop automation job which reads all data from knowledgebase and generates intent.md, story.md and Domain.yml.

  3. Develop automation job which trains the new model and restarts rasa to use new model.

@piyush29programmer thank you for the quick response.

I want to know like if i generate automation than what format i can use for intent.md,story.md,domain.yml? can you give me small example on this?

Use the same markdown but treat this file as txt and use file I/O operation (java, c#, python etc…). Create a template for all 3 files and try to use “OR”

## story
  - utter_ask_confirm
* affirm OR thankyou
  - action_handle_affirmation

use link-Stories

The only place you will find challenges when user add new intent and you want to add the entity and new slots. For this, you have to add brain in automation job to identify these.

@piyush29programmer thank you Piyush. I’m working on it.

maybe @Juste @juste_petr can answer this question better!

@piyush29programmer how the format can be maintained like * ## and other things if we even use python to insert new intent and stories from sql to python then to md and yaml?

Create a template like this and append all intent with OR and replace it with INSERT_STORIES.

faq path continue

    • action_faqs
    • utter_anythingelse
  • anythingelse{“anythingelse_value”: “yes”} OR affirm
    • slot{“anythingelse_value”: “yes”}
    • utter_help

@DiJay2229 is this issue got resolved ?