First time creating a chatbot, which file should I modify?

I’m creating a super basic chatbot with 1 form that consists in the bot asking what size and icecream flavor does the user want. The problem I’m facing is I do not understand which file do I have to modify first for the intents. Do I have to add the intent to domain file first and then add it to actions? Having an obstacle here with the fact that I don’t know programming :') Also, do you know any way to see what would the correc graph be so I can start from there? I’m kinda visual learner Thank you in advance!!!

Hey @boiragroga

You can follow this article to get started with creating a rasa chatbot and understanding the basics

Hello, i can follow that article but i want more details please give me some another way or article to more info find.

Best regard, Oosie9legie

Hello, For building a chatbot, you’ll start by defining your intents in the ‘nlu.yml’ file. Next, in your ‘domain.yml’, you’ll define the intents, entities (like size and flavor), and responses. Then, in the ‘stories.yml’, you’ll specify the conversation flow, and in the ‘’, you’ll define any custom actions. To visualize the conversation flow, Rasa X, a tool provided by Rasa, can be quite useful. Don’t worry about not knowing programming, keep experimenting, and you’ll get the hang of it!