Save all rasa interactions as stories

Hey, I come to you today for a little feature I want to try out, but don’t know if it’s possible. I want all the successful interactions that users do with my rasa chatbot to be stored as stories and help the model to train. Currently been using the rasa interactive, but it’s taking a lot of time for me as a single individual to type in and manually check stuff. I’ve added around 15 stories, and I’m tired :sweat_smile:

Is it possible to intake all interactions that people do with my chatbot to be stored in stories.yml? I understand that it will start becoming a huge file, but I could maybe rotate the file, or provide a line limit… :slight_smile: help

(mine is a voice bot, so would be helpful to use it in the same way to train)

Hi @arkaprabha-majumdar!

I reccomend you look at end-to-end training. We’re a step closer to getting rid of intents

It’s a new experimental feature that allows you to train a bot from conversations without using intents.