Rasa API endpoint not working

Hi my Rasa chatbot works well on cli, but I am getting this error while running the endpoint: Requested PostgreSQL schema ‘Unknown event name ‘user_featurization’.’ was not found in the database. To continue, please create the schema by running ‘CREATE DATABASE Unknown event name ‘user_featurization’.;’ or unset the ‘POSTGRESQL_SCHEMA’ environment variable in order to use the default schema. Exiting application.

Rasa version: 2.1.3

Rasa SDK Version : 2.1.2

Rasa X Version : 0.34.0

Python Version : 3.7.5

Any help much appreciated. Thanks.

Hello @vaish1 and thanks for your question!

Would you be able to share the full stacktrace as well as some elements of your config (i.e. the database part)? What’s weird is that Unknown event name ‘user_featurization’. is actually the message of an exception we raise here in the code.