Applying RASA with GraphDB for Conversational AI

Hello, I am working on integrating RASA with Graph Data Base, @Tanja thanks for the blog of rasa-with-knowledge-bases, my question/problem is that there is no clue in the blog for the part of intent and stories and how can I transfer intents ( and to graph or in other way how can I have all in process (that are applying to make conversation) to graph and will have a flow of conversation based on RASA conversation patterns ???


Not sure I understand your problem correctly. Do you want to put the intents and stories inside the graph database and use that for prediction? We don’t cover that. We are using knowledge bases to store domain knowledge. We connect the assistant to the knowledge base so that users can explore the data inside the knowledge base and get answer to domain specific questions.

@Tanja, Thanks for your response, for more clarification I can say there is no objective of doing computation with graph I mean we don’t want to do prediction inside graph but the objective is replacing computational objects/files from RASA to graph DB schema but the computations would be done by RASA itself. So we can update all required data for conversation flow by the time and user histories.

We don’t support that. If you want to store the data files inside a graph DB you would need to write your own Training Data Importer.