Rasa and emoji

Good morning please how can I integrate Emoji in Rasa, so the bot can understand Emoji

@Fares For emoji check this 😃 Emoji People and Smileys Meanings copy and paste the required emoji to your intents and trained the bot and then see the emoji replying as per your trained intent or not?

For example:

- intent: bye
  examples: |
      - bye 👋 
      - 👋 
      - 🙏
      - 🤝 etc 


utter_bye: "Nice talking to you, see you soon :slight_smile: "

User: Bye :wave: or :pray:

Bot: Nice talking to you, see you soon :slight_smile:

PS: I had personally, implemented it and its working :sunglasses:

I hope it will help you, but emoji will work as based on frontend also and the laptop/mobile should have emojis options. Good luck!