Can we add emoji's using rasa?

Hi ,

I need my bot to have some emotions based on user response , is there a way to add emoji’s in the conversation

My rasa versions are rasa-core 0.9.6 rasa-core-sdk 0.11.5 rasa-nlu 0.14.4 rasa-sdk 1.6.1

Doesn’t the normal emoji work? :grinning::smiley::smiley: like these in usual settings?

sry settings in the sense ?

do i need to add in my domain files ?

Maybe you can try adding the emoji urls from the web into your responses(templates). Example:


Meant to ask this: Doesn’t the normal emoji work? :grinning::smiley::smiley:

thanks! i need in middle of my text

for examle

Hello (emoji image) ! how are you doing ?

how i can achieve this ?

i tried it but it doesnt work , it considered as a text

Have you seen this output in webchat interface? Try using it live, it might show up the emoji

Try searching for emoji on the internet and then copy-paste the required emoji to your intents. Then try seeing if the pasted emoji works or not.

By Copying and pasting I mean to actually copy the unicode character, not the markdown version of it which I talked earlier this day. Try copying from here for a start:


If you’re still not seeing anything about trying @abdullahkhilji’s suggestion it might be that you’re missing a font pack, particularly if you’re just seeing empty boxes (aka “tofu” :sweat_smile: ). You could check if other Unicode characters are rendering correctly. I like this repo, it’s got some handy files for testing Unicode stuff. :slight_smile:

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We’ve had success copying and pasting the emojis into the bot utterances. For the interface we’re using rasa-webchat, but it should work with other clients too. The character might not appear in the text editor, but it is there. Example:


And this is the result with rasa-webchat: