Rasa action.py with MsTeams

Hi All, I have been trying to work with rasa to create a bot on MS Teams, I have a bot which is running end to end, but the only problem I get is when I try to use async call. for async call I cannot use dispatcher and I want to send a message to user once the async call is completed. I also want to get some user details like name, email for my actions.py, does anyone here have any idea how can I achieve this? I have gone through many website and even microsoft website where I found few codes like this one

async def _show_members( self, turn_context: TurnContext ): member = TeamsInfo.get_member(turn_context, turn_context.activity.from_property.id)

But I cant get any output from it. Thanks in advance

Are you running an action that can take some time to process?

You may want to look at Reminders which provide a way to invoke an intent at a later time.

yes i m running an action which will take some time to process but after the process is done i want to post some result which i got from the processing so i am not sure how can i use reminder in such case. could you please help me with it. also i want to extract email id of the user who has pinged the bot do you have any way how can this be done? i have searched on net but only solution i got is using post, but for that i need conversation id which i am not able to get. if you have any solution to this please help me out

You can find an example of using reminders in this reminderbot. You may find that executing an External event works better for your use case. They are similar and described on the same docs page.

For the email, you could as the user for their email and store that in a slot. The helpdesk-assistant bot has an example of that.

Hi I check reminderbot but in my case it is not the solution I need. I want to send msg to user from async call and get user info. I am jut not sure how to use get_member function. Is there a way to use it?

You’ll need to ask someone familiar with MSTeams regarding their get_member function. This is not part of the Rasa API.

@tahakapadia Did you find a way to implement this?

I didnt used async and used dispatcher, and for getting other details i was not able to implement it

@tahakapadia Thank you so much for your prompt response. If you don’t mind can you please share how did you do that using dispatcher