How to get user information from MS Teams to our rasa chatbot?

Hello @community @Rasa… Am new on rasa and i want to know how to get Microsoft team’s user’s data like user’s name, email, id and etc to our Rasa Chatbot? Thanks in advance. Regards, Yash

@Yash_kals - Did you find a way… if yes could you please share it here

Hi can share you how you can get rhe user name.

just replace id with name so now the sender id will be name of the user or if you want to get id and username both then make sender list or dict in

Here are some modification in the code if you want to find out user id , email , and name. Follow the steps given below.

  1. modify here are the modifying botframework in which i have add one extra method to get the user infomation. (9.4 KB) after this add the following code in your in user_information_str = tracker.sender_id user_information_str_dict = eval(user_information_str) username = user_information_str_dict.get(“name”) email = user_information_str_dict.get(“email”) user_id = user_information_str_dict.get(“id”) if it help you hit a like.