Rasa 3.x - No agent found error

Hi I am using Rasa Version : 3.0.8 Minimum Compatible Version: 3.0.0 Rasa SDK Version : 3.0.4 Rasa X Version : None Python Version : 3.8.10 Trying to train the model using rasa train and when did rasa shell it pops up and checked by the error Ignoring message as there is no agent to handle it. on each and every chat input .

hi @shaikat_chakraborty - the error message (in Red) shows that Rasa is unable to load the model that you created by running rasa train. Do you get any kind of error message when you train the model? Can you please also post the contents of your config.yml file?

Hi Alan No i did’nt get any error while i am training the model . but the error is like the bot does not responds to the input given .

The contents of config.yml is attached


config.yml (1.6 KB)

did you create your project using rasa init ? Did you already make changes or is it still the default project?

Also, could you please edit your post above so that the contents of config.yml are formatted as code? you can do this by putting three backwards ticks ``` before and after the contents

@shaikat_chakraborty please confirm, at the time of installing rasa in env did you ignore any compatibility issue? Have you create the environment?

Its the default project structure but added some extra intents and respectively other data in domain and stories.yml . did not made any specific change in config.yml. its default

ya i have created the virtual env , and did not skipped any part . when i use default structure of rasa init . it works well . moment i add extra intents and other data into it , no responds from the bot

@shaikat_chakraborty can you share some other related files (if its fine with you) ?

I also have this issue occasionally. I don’t know why it happens.