Rasa 3 with Speech

Hello everyone. I wanted to ask if it is the same way or different with Rasa 3.X to put speech on it because as far as I saw it’s only with Rasa 2 edition (and to be a bit more precise with “Sara chatbot”). Or if I migrate Sara chatbot to Rasa 3.X will break everything.

Hi! I think Sara use Web Speech API, so this a frontend solution

Rasa send a normal text and frontend using speech api convert this text to speech

You can read more about it using mozila doc and this jsfiddle example

Observation: I think it just working using https protocol, so in dev env (http:localhost) probably will not work You can use ngrok to test the solution :grinning:

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Yes I had the same thought about it (that it won’t let me because of the http).

Do you think that if I pass something like the jsfiddle example as a js/ html file will work?

If you refresh the Rasa voice interface in your browser, you should see that an assistant is ready to talk: Click start, and have a conversation with a voice assistant built using only open source tools!

I’m not understanding what you want to do, sorry

If you just want to send a js/html file, no, it will not work

You need to implement this solution in your frontend codes. To get text from rasa and use browser Speech API like jsfiddle example does

Yes I was meaning about to just send one. I will try the solution below to see how it works.