Does RASA support voice/audio bots or conversational assistants?

Does RASA support converational voice bots? If not are there any plans to integrate?

Voice-enabled assistants take customer experience to a new level. Rasa powers voice assistants with open source NLU and dialogue management.

Maybe you can guide me on what I am trying to achieve?

I am trying to build a chatbot that can receive voice messages, process them and return a voice reply. The chatbot is going to use a local language ‘Kiswahili’ so training it will be necessary.

Hello @ndungudedan ,

You can check out We provide Voicebots over a Phone call as a SaaS service. Please let me know if you want to connect offline. We will be happy to do so.

I’m currently experiencing the exact same thing.

I think it does.

What you could do is integrate any text2speech and speech2text api in your frontend. Your frontend will recieve speech, send it via the api to convert speech2text and then send the recieved text to your bot. Your bot will then send text back which you will convert to speech with the API again.