Rasa 2.2.5: Training fails when updating to latest rasa version!

Hi there,

I updated to the latest version of Rasa and RasaX (2.2.5 / 0.35) on my local machine:

  • Rasa Version : 2.2.5
  • Rasa SDK Version : 2.2.0
  • Rasa X Version : 0.35.0
  • Python Version : 3.8.2
  • Operating System : macOS-11.1-x86_64-i386-64bit (Big Sur)

When trying to train a new model with already existing code (last version the code was successful is 2.1.0), the training failed…

The error message is the following: “…domain.yml has a greater format version than your Rasa Open Source installation: 2.2.5 > 2.0. Please consider updating to the latest version of Rasa Open Source.This file will be skipped.

It says please consider updating rasa… but I already did this! Is there anybody who can help me with this issue?

Many thanks in advance! :pray::relaxed:

Best, Andi

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@jackpotandy What version is specified at the top of your domain.yml? I’m not yet using 2.2.5, but for me (2.2.4) it’s

version: "2.0"

The error you’re seeing suggests the domain.yml specifies "2.2.5"…?

@B3n thanks for your response.

In my domain.yml file as well as the other files (rules, stories, nlu) "2.2.5" is specified, yes! But why can’t i train a model with that specification? I already updated Rasa to 2.2.5. So it should work, I guess. Instead Rasa tells me that I have to update my rasa version… this is confusing.

I tried it with specification "2.0" as you mentioned. It trains a model. But this model doesn’t work. I mean i have e.g. a config file that corresponds to version 2.2, so that’s not a surprise to see the bot doesn’t work.

Is there any other advice? Did i miss something?

Thanks for any additional help :relaxed:

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I’m also experiencing this issue. It’s also on github here:

The only workaround I’ve found is downgrading back to 2.0 and not using any of the new features in 2.1 and 2.2 like Roles and Groups.

I’m really hoping this issue is resolved soon, so I can actually take advantage of the new features.

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Thanks for responding to this issue stephanrb3 and pointing to the respective GitHub post! :pray:

It seems like this is a major problem/bug! @erohmensing Are you at Rasa already aware of this issue?

We would all love to get some help here. Many, many thanks in advance for helping us :relaxed:

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