Raise NotFound("Requested URL {} not found".format(url)) sanic.exceptions.NotFound: Requested URL / not found

I followed the Rasa beginner Tutorial “Building Assistants” step by step. Then I came to the command rasa run actions, which is starting the localhost:5055 server. But every time when I try to join the website http://localhost:5055 it throws following error:

Traceback (most recent call last): ** File “c:\users\myname\anaconda3\envs\rasa\lib\site-packages\sanic\app.py”, line 940, in handle_request** ** handler, args, kwargs, uri, name = self.router.get(request)** ** File “c:\users\myname\anaconda3\envs\rasa\lib\site-packages\sanic\router.py”, line 411, in get** ** return self._get(request.path, request.method, “”)** ** File “c:\users\myname\anaconda3\envs\rasa\lib\site-packages\sanic\router.py”, line 475, in _get** ** raise NotFound(“Requested URL {} not found”.format(url))** sanic.exceptions.NotFound: Requested URL / not found

The Website looks like this:

My actions.py file looks like this:

And my endpoints.yml looks like this:

I thank you all for quick help. Sven

@Mezze99 you cannot access the action server from the browser like that

Hi a-aand-91119, How can I access?

I don’'t know @Mezze99. Action server is invoked by the rasa server at /webhook

You can go through the code for action server and find some entry points or someone else here might be able to help you

I have still the same error. Any other approaches for solving?