Question about forms and slot filling


Using RASA form, I want the user to enter two inputs: question (in text format) and uploading file as second input (upload from some front user interface and I store it somewhere in a server)

I’m using a form to do this, just after the form, I added a costume action in which I want to recuperate the path of the uploaded file to do some treatment (I have the method that can get this file path when uploaded from the frontend to the backend)

The problem is when the user uploads the file, it’s like if he enters nothing in rasa (it does not go to the next action after form) ??

I need help as soon as possible, please!!

the story looks like:

  • greet
    • utter_greet
  • sqlgen
    • utter_ask_choose
  • multiTable
    • form_sql_generation_multiple
    • form{“name”: “form_sql_generation_multiple”}
    • form{“name”: null}
    • action_sql_generation_multiple
  • affirm
    • utter_did_that_help

@rctatman @Juste @koaning

I would probably add an utterance after the file upload so your user knows what to do. (Like “[file name] was uploaded. Is this the correct file?”)

Thanks @rctatman for your reply.

The user enters the first input as text and it’s ok. I ask the user to upload the file as a second input and he does that too (I found the file uploaded in the server). But the problem is when the user uploads the file (as the last required slot in the form), the action after the form does not run!! (the “action_sql_generation_multiple” action mentioned in the story below).
it seems like RASA does not consider the upload as the second input and its waits for it even if the user finishes uploading!!

thank you again @rctatman

no reply ?

@rctatman @Juste @koaning

Could you share your action code? It’s really hard to say what’s happening without more details.

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