Slot filling using Form response to user back for required slots

Recently, I came across a condition where multiple slot has to fill in. I knows that Rasa has provided such a convenient way to achieve such as task by using Form Action. I experienced it, It worked for me. But as I further more want to use it in my own way. I got stuck. The concept here Example, I got 3 slots to fill in so that bots could continue the process (Username, Gender, Mail). User come with intent ==> “want-attend”, then bots would looking for this 3 information to filling by using form. I could see the form activated, and it was waiting for all the information to fill in to proceed, but I couldn’t find a way to response to user back in case of 1 or 2 slots is missing.
Bots stay looping for all the slots to complete without giving clue or message which slots is still missing. I looking for a way to response back to user in case any slots is missing with slot name :: Example Please fill Username, … In case Email not giving ==> then Bot ask ==> Please provide “Email” to proceed to next step

Form actions allow this exactly. The required_slots() and request_next_slot() method handle this. If user types only username, the request_next_slot() method will prompt the user with the message you want.

Thank you @srikar_1996 I’ve been looking for it along time, Would you mind if I would like to know where we could get detail about the docs relevant to it.

Here is a great resource: forms

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