Help with Rasa forms


I followed the tutorials to create forms however during a conversation the first time the user’s intent gets actioned to a form, it will work fine and the bot will ask the questions related to the required slots and then submits the form. During the conversation if I try to start the form again it will not ask any questions for the required slots but will just give me the response of the form as noted in the submit section.

I have even added a story where I can process a form again but for some reason it never asks the slot questions the second time

Hello @ali254 By “start the form again”, I assume that you call the form, fill it, submit, and then start the same form once more, right? In this case, you may need to re-set all the from’s slots after submission. Specifically, instead of [] at the end of the submit method, return [SlotSet("slot1"), SlotSet("slot2"), ...] .

Hey man, thanks for that suggestion, so I did that however for some reason the form action was being predicted but it was using the responseSelector for FAQ questions. So after commenting the code out for it, it actually does works properly.

Thanks a lot :+1: