raise ProfanityFilterError(f"Couldn’t load Spacy model for any of languages: {self.languages_str}") profanity_filter.types_.ProfanityFilterError: Couldn’t load Spacy model for any of languages: en

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sir i get this issue after training the nlu model

I installed spacy ==3.2.0

I add the Profanity analyzer file.

then, I run the python -m rasa shell but it couldn’t load the spacy model for the langauge en i receive this error when I type message

If your version of SpaCy is less than 3.0, you need to do

python -m spacy link en_core_web_md en

as mentioned in the docs.

sir my spacy vesrion is 3.2.0

Yeah sorry I haven’t noticed.

Can you send your profanity filter file?

yes sir this is my profanity filter file

Try line 16 en_core_web_md en instead of en

sir i try this but it again show the profanity_filter error

Very sorry, I meant en_core_web_md instead of en.

Sir i again get the profanity filter error

Can you execute python -m spacy info and show me the output?

yes,sir this is the output