How to check Rasa Tracker Events from Postman

hi all,

how can I request from Postman or HTTP request from Python the of a bot? thanks

GET http://localhost:5005/conversations/{conversation_id}/tracker

Or, if this doesn’t suit your needs, you can build your own API that uses the Tracker Store :slight_smile:

thanks for your reply @ChrisRahme; what should I include as conversation_id? Where do I check it? And can you please tell me more about how to build my API to use the Tracer Store in Python?

This is the same as sender_id :slight_smile: So if you set your own sender ID in your app to something you know (e.g. the username of the user), you know the conversation ID.

Well the Tracker Store in a database, which you configured in endpoints.yml as per the docs. By default, it’s an SQLite database (the rasa.db file).

Making an API to retreive data from a database is outside the scope of Rasa, but you can find a lot of tutorials on YouTube. I suggest using Python or NodeJS.

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