Problem with Lookup Table - Rasa NLU

Hi, I have 2 entities - emp_name and emp_location for employee name and employee location. I have about 50 employee names and 500 location names. I listed all employee names and about 50 random location names under the intent inform. I used a lookup table where cities.txt file has all the 500 location names. But, a location called “tenali” is being recognized as emp_name instead of emp_location. I also checked that “tenali” is listed in cities.txt file, and also there is no employee with this name. I don’t understand where the problem is.



intent: inform

  • [Jack] (emp_name)
  • [Rose] (emp_name)
  • [new york] (emp_location)
  • [chichago] (emp_location)

Could someone help me with this?