Problem with deploying Rasa chatbot on production

Hey everyone, Needed some help. I created a rasa chatbot and deployed it on server with nginx and ubuntu 18.4, but when I hit the url
https://<my_domain_name>/slacky/, nginx gives 404 error i.e it is unable to listen rasa chatbot running on


       url: "http://localhost:5055/webhook"


server {
      root /home/ubuntu/index_page;
      index index.html;
      location = /favicon.ico { access_log off; log_not_found off; }
      location = / {
          root /home/ubuntu/index_page;
          index login.html;
     # location /accenture_static/ {
      #    root /home/ubuntu/accenture_dashboard;
      location /slacky/ {
          include proxy_params;

thanks in advance.

Hi @deadlyhallows, could you try changing proxy_pass; with proxy_pass http://localhost:5055/;?

should the proxy pass be listening to the action server or the shell of rasa chatbot?

I tried your suggestion but its giving me 502 nginx bad gateway error

My mistake, nginx should be forwarding your request to your Rasa server, not the action server. Make sure you run your bot using rasa run. The address + port will then be printed on your console, by default it’s http://localhost:5005.