I am not getting proper output or response from the Chatbot

Hello Everyone, I am trying to build a simple restaurant chatbot. I am very much new to python and Artificial intelligence. I followed all the steps given in Rasa NLU and Rasa CORE documentation to install them and train with data. I am successful in installing and training Rasa NLU. But I am not able to train and run Rasa Core. I am facing an error in Rasa CORE. It produces output only for “hello” message. I attached screenshot of this problem. I request someone to figure it out and help me in this problem.

How are your stories? It seems like the bot has greeted you and it is waiting for your next input.

Hello @felipe-araujo. Thanks for responding. My bot is up and running but it is only responding for “hello” message. later it is not responding for any of the messages we give in. I attached screenshot of the issue. I even attached my stories file and domain file as well.

stories.md (365 Bytes) domain.yml (486 Bytes)

Its seems like that you haven’t set any default message for invalid inputs , and you are not following the story. Try with reply “happy” or “sad” after the greetings.

Thank you Sandeep. I got my issue solved.

`i am not getting proper output when i use css and hyperlinks are not visible markdown please help