Problem connecting rasa chatbot with facebook messenger

yep, just a small error there. your custom action is (or should be running) on port 5055, not 5005. 5005 is the rasa server

thank you for your reply, i know 5005 is the rasa server but where to add port:5055

in your endpoints.yml

yes i added in endpoints.yml but still i am getting error.this the screenshot for that.

you need to start you action server. To do that, open a new terminal tab and run rasa run actions, see Actions

Thank you for your reply. i also ran rasa run actions but it was not working custom action. now i am getting another problem “The Callback URL or Verify Token couldn’t be validated. Please verify the provided information or try again later” . Because ngrok webhook session expried within 7 .54 hours, so i am trying to established connection again for this reason the is comming.Is their any solution for this. this the screenshot for that.

Hi there, i am successfully conntected my chatbot with facebook messenger but one problem is their ,it can not perform custom action and showing warning massage “Facebook API currently allows only up to 3 buttons. If you add more, all will be ignored.” Please anyone can help me to write custom and solve this error.his the screenshot for that

This is my action.yml file : This is my chat screen shot

reading the error, it looks like you are trying to add more buttons than facebook allows. If you just include 1-2 buttons, does it work correctly?

Thank you for your reply,yes chatbot is working fine when i added 1-3 buttons.But i want to add more than 3 button, how can i add ? this the screenshot for working 3 button.

looking at your error message, I think that’s not possible. Seems like Facebook restricts you to maximum 3

yes i know , is their any other way to add button in custom code.

Hi there,

i am successfully completed Rasa Webchat Integration ,now it’s working fine but small problem is their ,when i open webchat to chat with bot that time default massage is coming " My appologies but I am not able to get you", but i want to show some welcome message.can you help me to solve this problem. This the screenshot for that

I am trying to Setting up MySQL as Tracker Store in Rasa but getting error like:

now i am getting this error.please any one help me to solve this error.

hi - from the error message there it looks like there is some problem connecting with your sql database! are you able to connect to it another way to check?

How did you fix this problem. I am having the same issue

I have created a chatbot which answers users FAQ’s using rasa framework . but how can i transfer the conversation from bot to any human agent.

Hi @amn41 @Juste , Can I get any working example?.This is what I have done so far

How to connect rasa with live agent