Prefill the user response

Does anyone know if you are able to refill the response for the user using the existing value of a slot and wait for them to hit enter to submit the response? For example, I have a slot called q1_comment which is of type: text and whose mappings type is from_text. The user enters a value for the slot like “This is the free text comment for slot q1_comment”. I have setup an intent edit_q1_comment with an example “edit q1_comment” and I have added this intent to the domain.yml. I have a story for this intent with an action to prompt for the q1_comment. What I want to do is when I run rasa shell, where the shell says Your input-> I’d like to refill that input with the current value of the slot. E.g.

Your input → This is the free text comment for slot q1_comment

The user would make any changes or additions to the prefilled value and hit enter to update the slot. I have hunted around but have not seen anything like this, as this would save the user having to retype the comment. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks, Ken

Not that I’m aware of but rasa shell isn’t intended to be a UI for end users. You could do this with your own widget.

Thanks @stephens and best wishes in 2022.