Post intents from postman in nlu file in Rasa

Hey, I want to post data from postman into the nlu file so that it is recognized as an intent. Can you tell me the endpoint which I have to hit and can you also tell me the method as how to send the data. The main thing which I want to do is that giving the user a chat window for intents and the user just types the text and it gets added in the nlu file in the bot. I hope you understand my problem

I think this is what you need :slight_smile:

You can do a POST request to the model endpoint : http://localhost:5005/model/parse

and body remember to set radio button to “raw” JSON format

{“message_id”: 1234, “text”: “how much is the basketball”}

the message_id value can be anything

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The thing I want to do is if I send a post request on an endpoint the values I send from the postman should be saved in the nlu file in this format.

  • intent: mood_unhappy examples: |
    • my day was horrible
    • I am sad
    • I don’t feel very well
    • I am disappointed
    • super sad
    • I’m so sad
    • sad
    • very sad

This gives user the option to add intents without knowing the proper syntax and just add files in the intents chat window and these are added in the bot.

I tried the way you mentioned and I think it is different from what I’m asking

@ChrisRahme can you help me out on how to do this?. I am making a UI like botfront in react.js and the major issue that I am having right now is that I am not able to take data from the user and save it in the nlu and domain file. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated

I’m almost sure there’s no way to add intents and examples from an API without making your own.

You can check all the Rasa Endpoints here:

This helped me a lot.

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