Intent call through postman

async def _parse_message(self, message, tracker: DialogueStateTracker = None):

    # for testing - you can short-cut the NLU part with a message

    # in the format /intent{"entity1": val1, "entity2": val2}

    # parse_data is a dict of intent & entities

    if message.text.startswith(INTENT_MESSAGE_PREFIX):

        parse_data = await RegexInterpreter().parse(

            message.text, message.message_id, tracker



        parse_data = await self.interpreter.parse(

            message.text, message.message_id, tracker



        "Received user message '{}' with intent '{}' "

        "and entities '{}'".format(

            message.text, parse_data["intent"], parse_data["entities"]



In the code above , look for “in the format /intent{“entity1”: val1, “entity2”: val2}”
I want to call an intent from postman . but i dont know how to do that. in the they have given this code . but i am getting an error .
what i have done i am explaining -\

link in postman = http://localhost:5005/webhooks/rest/webhook
under heading “body” , “raw” and “json” in postman , i have given this -
‘/ask_id{“id”: “vicky.saini”}’\

ask_id is my intent.
kindly help
My sole purpose is to call an intent from postman

Hi Vivek,

If I’m understanding right you want your model to parse a message and return an intent to you. If that’s the case, you want to post to the endpoint http://localhost:5005/model/parse and provide “text” value in the body of the request e.g.

"text": "Hello"

Or, to use your example

"text": "/ask_id{\"id\": \"vicky.saini\"}"

Also, make sure you are running your model with the --enable-api flag