Post and Get requests

I follow the example in rasa/examples/reminderbot at main · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub. I set up a callback server and I use post and gets commands to communicate with my bot. Here is the code as demostrated in the above example: Screenshot_1

I use this code to send a message and get a response:

This works fine.

I am also able to set a slot with a desired value and trigger an intent. However I cannot trigger a custom action. Here is the code I use:

I am not sure if the problem is here or in the code depicted the first screenshot I uploaded.

Similarly, I try to get the tracker by using:

This doesn’t work either.

Hi there, how do you start your rasa server? You’ll need to start with the --enable-api flag to rasa run or rasa shell in order to activate the internal API endpoints.