Passing extra parameters to the Http API to parse a message

We have a requirement to employ a “context-sensitive” NLU. That is, an NLU that is aware of where it is within a conversation. We are only using the NLU portion of Rasa and cannot use core currently.

With that in mind I see that the format for /model/parse only has a text and id field. I decided I can solve this by passing the context information in a specific format and pull out the data in the pipeline by doing preprocessing. For example the text of the message would appear like this:

“This is the message to be parsed.[[here is the context information]]”

Anything that is within the brackets can be parsed out. My question is, is there another way to do this? Is there a way to pass more than just text and id in the JSON sent to the Http API? Will other fields in that JSON be picked up in some way?

Thank you in advance.

Currently it is not possible to provide any further metadata to the endpoint model/parse. Why exactly do you need that extra content? I assume you do not want to extract entities from it. Should it be used to improve the intent classification? Can you please explain why do you need that extra information?

Sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear. I explained it. Due to certain constraints we cannot use Rasa core, only the NLU, and I want to pass information about where the chat bot is in the dialogue flow to augment the dialogue manager we must use.

The NLU model does not know anything about the dialogue history and we also do not want to add this kind of information there. The NLU model should not know anything about the conversation, just the current input message is relevant. Thus, I guess, the information you need cannot be retrieved from the model/parse endpoint.