Accessing metadata in preprocessing

Is it possible to access custom metadata in the pre-processing/ custom component section?

I have a custom component that I need to add context to from the metadata , say for example I have a field in the metadata called “name_or_not” : True/False and I know this field is being passed through from my custom connector to my action server, so it’s definitely working. Now I want to preprocess the message differently depending on if the item is True or False.

I’m going on the assumption that it’s not possible based on this article

But I would appreciate the help! Thanks

It would also be acceptable to have access to the tracker and receive the last question asked from there, so if Rasa bot asks “What is your name?” I can follow the logic as if the metadata said True. But I’m hoping to have either metadata or tracker events here.

EDIT: never mind I would need the sender ID to access the tracker store which is stored as metadata.

Maybe I can overwrite the Message class so that when the Component receives the Message it has an attribute message.metadata , is that possible?