Order products through rasa chatbot

Hey, I have an e-commerce website. I would like to implement rasa chatbot in it. I want customers to order products though chatbot. Is it possible to order in chatbot and then send it to checkout?

Yes and you can read more about it in this blog post New Rasa Starter Pack: Retail

Is there API call?

Hi, you can learn more with the Rasa Masterclass

hey, about the one you suggested- Retailer starter pack, it is connected to sqlite database. but my store is done using shopify. we dont have to use sql database. how to do then?

You have the liberty of choosing the database. You can achieve this through custom actions.

And features seem like this:

  1. Check the status of an order
  2. Return an item
  3. Cancel an item
  4. Search a product inventory for shoes
  5. Subscribe to product updates

How to place an order? it is possible?

Yes, it is possible!