Notify user after x minutes of inactivity

Hello there. Im trying to implement a feature where the bot notifies the user if he/she hasn’t typed anything for a long time. Something like: “Hey, are you still there?”. I’ve tried using reminders, but they have to be set by the user or activated from an external source (perhaps you could use django?). I’ve also tried to overwrite the default action “action_listen” so it sends the user a message if the bot is listening for too long without any input coming from the user. But that hasn’t really worked out.

Is there a way to implement this feature?

You should consider doing this in your front end widget/app if that’s possible. Reminders are production ready (they are lost if you restart the server) so I wouldn’t use those anyway. You could also have a separate process monitoring the tracker and and have it send an external event when the timer goes off.

I think it’s best to do this on the front end UI component if possible.